Emerson: Summer Sweet Milk Bath Baby!

June 30, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Emerson is growing up so quickly and is already 6 months old! We got a few shots in studio, then headed outside for a milk bath, and ended her session with her family! She is lucky to have two older brothers to love on her and teach her all she needs to know! Enjoy your sweet pictures!

Skadberg-7Skadberg-7 Skadberg-17Skadberg-17 Skadberg-37Skadberg-37 Skadberg-62Skadberg-62 Skadberg-63Skadberg-63 Skadberg-72Skadberg-72 Skadberg-99Skadberg-99 Skadberg-104Skadberg-104


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