Ellis Smashes into his First Year!

December 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have been photographing this little love every three months and I cannot believe how fast his first year went by. I loved seeing how much he grew every few months and always enjoy his big brothers who welcomed me into their home:) I am pretty sure this was probably Ellis's favorite photoshoot because he got a chocolate smash cake to dive into! 

Happy Birthday Ellis!

  Ellis-1YR-43Ellis-1YR-43 Ellis-1YR-48Ellis-1YR-48 Ellis-1YR-55Ellis-1YR-55 Ellis-1YR-20Ellis-1YR-20 Ellis-1YR-67Ellis-1YR-67 Ellis-1YR-83Ellis-1YR-83 Ellis-1YR-87Ellis-1YR-87 Ellis-1YR-96Ellis-1YR-96 Ellis-1YR-101Ellis-1YR-101



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